Last week Saturday, Kaduna State Football Family “screams blue murder” after blatant abuse of football values by the Amokachi’s Presidential Sports Fiesta at the Ahmadu Bello Stadium. But in all sincerity, I think one should not fail to mention that the Presidential Sports Fiesta has accorded local basketball and football clubs as well as players within the Kaduna metropolis assistance, valued in terms of jerseys and cash, however, let me also be quick to say that the competition at the same time has succeeded in destroying football value.

Just allow me time to explain, you can only conjure and reason with me if you know who the organizer or sponsorer of the Presidential Sports Fiesta, well for us in Kaduna State, we knew how Daniel Amokachi, the SA to the President Of Sports Matters, started and how some Kaduna-based ex-internationals help him then but keep away until he brought his so-called sports fiesta project arrived.

They have supported and encouraged him and sometimes provide even aloof bread whenever he visited their rooms somewhere in Kaduna, but now he is a celebrated ex-international, ex-Belgium, and English Premier Leagues star, and a well-known FIFA & CAF recognized “superstar” but his so-called competition that was held in Kaduna has made him enemy number one that disrespect world and continental football custodians (bodies) after his blatant and violation of their acknowledged rules and regulations.

The Presidential Sports Fiesta succeeded in exploiting the players through the competition which went in contrast to FIFA or CAF regulations, playing only one half of the football match and a penalty shootout after 45’min when there was no winner, a penalty shootout was employed to birth the winner, this kind of match has no place in the world or continental bodies’ status, this was even the reason for this piece, as you will agree with me that Daniel Amokachi should be Sanctioned for giving his consent to organize a competition of one-half and allowing players to play in a whole day without rest, playing series of matches in succession. “WHAT MANNER OF AN EX-INTERNATIONAL ARE WE CELEBRATING”.

According to a letter of his appointment dated August 17th, 2020, and signed by the Secretary to the Government of the Federation Mr. Boss Mustapha, stated ” I am pleased to inform you that Muhammadu Buhari, President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria has approved your appointment as Special Assistant on Sports, several shades of opinions opined that Amokachi put together a smokescreen competition to prepare for retirement back to Kaduna to cover up his failures to mentor any local player(s) or make any significant contribution to sports or football development in either Kaduna State or the country at large.

But my concern really, is the violation of FIFA status and CAF regulations and how others reported the events, let us tell him to rest himself and do the right thing and remain a professional always, for SWAN and other sports activists are watching.

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