Report: Advocacy Visit by Stand with a Girl Initiative (SWAG) to Kaduna State Ministry of Education

The Stand with a Girl Initiative (SWAG) team, led by Seyi Bolaji and Yusha'u M. Abubakar, recently held an advocacy visit to the Kaduna State Ministry of Education. 

The meeting, which aimed to secure the commitment and full implementation of the National Policy on Safety, Security, and Violence-Free Schools (NPSSVFS), was attended by the SWAG Team Lead, the Girl's Advocate Team, and hosted by the Permanent Secretary, Dr.  Haliru Musa Soba and Directors in the ministry.

During the meeting, the SWAG team presented the achievements of their projects so far, which included conducting a needs assessment, briefing on the policy, engaging schools and community leaders through trained girls advocating for safe schools and training the girl advocates. 

One of the advocates from SWAG took the initiative to present the advocacy requests to the Permanent Secretary.

In response, the Permanent Secretary acknowledged and appreciated the commendable work done by SWAG in the state.

Dr.  Haliru Soba highlighted that the implementation of the NPSSVFS policy is one of the ministry's top priorities. The ministry had already implemented certain aspects of the policy and had allocated a budget for its ongoing implementation. Thus, the ministry assured its commitment to the domestication and full execution of the policy.

The Permanent Secretary also informed the SWAG team that he had previously met with other civil society organizations (CSOs) working on similar issues. He encouraged SWAG to collaborate and partner with these organizations to avoid duplication of efforts and enhance the effectiveness of their initiatives.

Furthermore, the Permanent Secretary requested the SWAG team to present their commitment and contributions towards the domestication and implementation of the policy. Recognizing the resource-intensive nature of the endeavor, he emphasized the importance of pooling resources to achieve the desired impact.

In conclusion, the meeting between SWAG and the Kaduna State Ministry of Education proved to be fruitful, as the ministry expressed its firm commitment to prioritizing and executing the NPSSVFS policy. The SWAG team is now poised to continue its efforts to create safer and violence-free learning environments for girls and all students across the state.

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