"Empowering Tomorrow's Leaders: Kaduna State University Launches Drug Education and Peer Support Club" - Frontline News


Zakari Isah - Kaduna 

In a significant move to address the growing concern of drug abuse among adolescents and young people in Kaduna State, the Youth Cafe Innovation Hub at Kaduna State University, in partnership with the Center for Study and Resolution of Domestic Violence and the National Drug Law Enforcement Agency (NDLEA) Zonal Command Headquarters, Zone F, officially launched the Drug Education and Peer Support Club (DEPS) today.

The DEPS initiative aims to impart knowledge and empower adolescents and young individuals to resist peer pressure while promoting a drug-free lifestyle. The launch event, led by the coordinator of the Innovation Hub, Diplomatic Fellow ABDI Bilques Yusuf, and the Head of Programs at the Center for Study and Resolution of Domestic Violence (CERSDOV), highlighted the commitment to extend this initiative across secondary schools in the state.

Expressing the importance of early education on drug abuse, Yusuf emphasized the need for a comprehensive, supportive school community approach. The plan is to establish and train more DEPS clubs to ensure sustainability and broaden the reach within schools and communities.

Mrs. Rahina Abubakar Wada, the team lead of Youth Cafe Kaduna State University, affirmed the institution's dedication to empowering adolescents and young individuals in various aspects of life, fostering their positive contributions to the state's development.

During the launch, Mr. ALIYU MOHAMMED BABA, representing the NDLEA Zonal Command Headquarters Zone F, delivered a keynote address. 

He outlined the ongoing efforts of the Zonal Command Headquarters in collaboration with key stakeholders to ensure an inclusive approach in the fight against drug abuse, with the ultimate goal of reducing and eradicating drug abuse among adolescents and young people in Kaduna State. 

The collaborative effort reflects a united front against the pressing issue of drug abuse, emphasizing the importance of collective action for a healthier and drug-free community.

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