Empowering Women: Reality Services Foundation Celebrates Achievements and Encourages Economic Participation

Mrs. Phoebe Sukai Yayi,
Commissioner and Administrator
of Kafanchan Municipal Authority

By Zakari Isah Haruna

The Reality Services Foundation, a non-profit organization committed to uplifting women, recently hosted an inspiring event to recognize the remarkable contributions of women across various sectors of the economy. 

The gathering, held in the Seventeen Hotel, Kaduna, celebrated the achievements of women and emphasized the importance of fostering a supportive network.

## Celebrating Women's Impact

Mrs. Phoebe Sukai Yayi, the Commissioner and Administrator of Kafanchan Municipal Authority, was one of the awardees honored with an award for her distinguished and selfless service to the people of Kaduna state as part of the 2024 International Women's Day celebration organized by Reality Investment & Consulting Services. 

The event, held at Hotel Seventeen in Kaduna, was a befitting dinner and award ceremony aimed at recognizing women who excel in various fields. 

Mrs. Yayi expressed her excitement over the award, emphasizing its potential to encourage and inspire women. She highlighted the importance of women leaders inspiring others and encouraged women to be inclusive, resilient, and powerful, serving as a supporting system for others to follow. 

Mrs. Yayi implored women facing challenges to remain strong and not give up. 

The event was a celebration of women's achievements and a call to empower and inspire others to reach their full potential.

In an interview with Ramatu Larai Ibrahim, the Business Development Manager of the Reality Services Foundation, she expressed her admiration for the significant role women play in community development. 

Ramatu Larai Ibrahim,
Business Development Manager,
Reality Services Foundation

"We have women excelling in diverse fields," she stated. "From lawyers and doctors to educators and engineers, their contributions are invaluable. 

Today, we come together to celebrate their achievements and create a collaborative environment."

#A Vision for Empowerment

The Reality Services Foundation envisions itself as a gateway to support women. Through symposiums, conferences, seminars, and other educational initiatives, they aim to raise awareness and create a platform for women to thrive. Their commitment to empowering women remains unwavering, and they continue to champion economic independence and personal growth.

As we celebrate the achievements of women, let us recognize their resilience, creativity, and determination. Together, we can build a stronger, more inclusive society where every woman's potential is realized.

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