Kaduna Golf Club Honors Late Sir Lucky Babatunde Omoluwa in One-Day Tournament

Zakari Isah - Kaduna

The prestigious Kaduna Golf Club paid tribute to the memory of the late Sir Lucky Babatunde Omoluwa, a revered member of its Board of Trustees, during a poignant one-day tournament held on the lush greens of the club.

The event commenced with a ceremonial tee-off, where Engr. Andrew Yakubu**, Chairman of the Organizing Committee, addressed the gathering. In his heartfelt speech, Mr. Yakubu highlighted Sir Lucky Babatunde Omoluwa's immense contributions to the development of golf. "We gather here today to honor not only a friend but also a golfer who personified the spirit of our golfing community," he stated. "Sir Lucky Babatunde Omoluwa's journey through the ranks of golfing led him to the pinnacle as a Trustee. He didn't merely ascend to this esteemed position; he also left an indelible mark on the game of golf, particularly within the hallowed grounds of the Kaduna Golf Club."

Engr. Yakubu emphasized that Sir Lucky Babatunde was not only a great man but also a dedicated Trustee of not one, but two premier clubs: the Kaduna Golf Club and the IBB Golf Club His tireless efforts extended beyond administrative roles; he nurtured the growth of golf from its lowest cadre to its highest echelons. "His legacy," Mr. Yakubu declared, "is etched in the fairways and greens that he tended with care."

As a poignant gesture, a grove of trees was planted near hole 10—the very hole that Sir Lucky Babatunde had lovingly overseen. "Though he is no longer with us," Mr. Yakubu remarked, "his spirit lives on through the rustling leaves and the shade they provide."

Mr. Ken Nwanko, the Captain of the Kaduna Golf Club, echoed the sentiments of the gathering. "Sir Lucky Babatunde Omoluwa was not only a golfer but also a philanthropist and a resounding entrepreneur," he said. "His impact reverberates far beyond the greens, and today, we honor him by bringing together 250 golfers in this inaugural tournament—a fitting tribute to a remarkable man."

The tournament stands as a testament to Sir Lucky Babatunde Omoluwa's enduring legacy, ensuring that his name remains forever intertwined with the sport he loved. As the sun sets over the rolling fairways, the spirit of this golfing luminary continues to inspire all who follow in his footsteps.

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