Leave Matawalle Out of Desperate Bid To Undermine Nigeria's Democracy, Yoruba Youths Warn Corrupt Politicians


Alhaji Bello Matawalle,
Minister of Defence

The Yoruba Youth Council (YYC) has warned against alleged desperate attempts by some unscrupulous and corrupt politicians to undermine Nigeria's present democratic dispensation for selfish ends.

The Council, which is an umbrella body of Yoruba youths nationwide, gave the warning on Thursday in a statement by its National President, Comrade Eric Oluwole.

Particularly, the Council condemned perceived desperate efforts by the group of allegedly corrupt and unscrupulous politicians to instigate President Bola Ahmed Tinubu against the Minister of Defence, Alhaji Bello Matawalle.

According to the statement: "We the Yoruba Youth Council, YYC, observe that some elements and corrupt politicians want to jeopardize Matawalle's efforts as a minister in the administration of His Excellency, President Bola Ahmed Tinubu.

"We note with concern the desperation with which these discredited politicians have been pushing their narrow, and selfish agenda to undermine Nigeria's hard-earned democracy by attempting to instigate President Bola Ahmed Tinubu against his supportive and loyal Minister of Defence and celebrated former Governor of Zamfara State, Alhaji Bello Matawalle.

"We also note that these selfish politicians are unhappy with the cordial relationship of deep trust existing between Mr. President and his Minister of Defence, a relationship that is further lubricated and cemented by the impressive performance of the Minister of Defence in managing his portfolio bordering on the nation's security, which is the most sensitive ministry.

"Despite the antics and failed efforts of these selfish politicians to put a wedge between the President and the Minister, YYC shall continue to support the former Governor of Zamfara State and current Minister of Defence, Alhaji Bello Matawalle because of the genuine plans he has in supporting Mr President.

"We note that the efforts by these selfish and corrupt politicians are part of their game plan for the 2027 Presidential Election, which is to cause a division among his core loyalists and supporters in the North as to weaken the support base of President Tinubu in that region even before the 2027 Presidential Election.

"We assure these corrupt politicians that their unpopular and unpatriotic plan, and whatever other new plans will fail given the exemplary performance of the Tinubu Administration and the overwhelming popularity that the administration enjoys across the six Geo-political regions of our dear Country the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

"We warned those might have bad plans against the Minister to desist."

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