KSMC Prioritizes Staff Welfare and Content Quality for Enhanced Reputation

Ahmed Maiyaki,
KSMC MD/CEO, Addressing
KSMC Reception Area

Zakari Haruna – Kaduna

Kaduna State Media Corporation (KSMC) has taken a significant step towards enhancing its reputation by identifying staff welfare and content quality as top priorities.

The new Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer, Ahmed Maiyaki, made this clear during his first meeting with the entire staff on Monday, 6th May 2024.

Maiyaki emphasized the importance of staff motivation, highlighting it as a crucial component in achieving the corporation’s dream of becoming world-class.

He stressed that a motivated staff is essential for delivering exceptional service and maintaining a positive image. To reinforce this, Maiyaki announced that the corporate appearance of staff is no longer negotiable, and all staff members must display their ID cards to demonstrate seriousness and professionalism.

In addition to staff welfare, Maiyaki reiterated the need to improve content quality for the greater good of the corporation. He emphasized that high-quality content is essential for engaging audiences, building trust, and maintaining a strong reputation.

Maiyaki encouraged staff to strive for excellence in their work, ensuring that KSMC’s content meets the highest standards.
Meanwhile, to support staff in their daily commute to work, Maiyaki announced plans to introduce a partnership concept that will alleviate the hardships faced by staff.

This initiative demonstrates the corporation’s dedication to supporting its employees’ well-being and improving their overall quality of life.

Maiyaki’s leadership and commitment to staff welfare and content quality are a promising start for KSMC’s journey toward becoming a world-class media corporation.

As the corporation continues to prioritize its staff’s needs and strive for content excellence, it is likely to see significant improvements in morale, productivity, and overall performance.

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