Kaduna Pastors Aid Muslims in Clearing Grass and Dirt at Eid Prayer Environment, Promoting Peace


In a remarkable display of interfaith cooperation, a Nigerian pastor led a group of Christians in joining Muslims to clean the Eid prayer ground, as part of the Sallah celebration, to strengthen religious tolerance, peace, and unity.

This initiative aimed to promote peaceful coexistence, interfaith dialogue, religious tolerance, better understanding among different faiths, and unity among residents in the southern part of Kaduna.

Pastor Dr. Yohanna Buru, the General Overseer of Christ Evangelical and Life Intervention Ministry, organized the delegation of Christian and Muslim youths to clean the prayer ground in preparation for the Eid prayer.

In Kasuwar Magani, located in the Kajuru local government area of Kaduna State, Christian youth and elders joined their Muslim friends to prepare the Eid prayer ground. This joint effort, involving both Christian pastors and Muslim imams, was intended to create a clean environment for Muslims to pray, thereby fostering peace and unity.

Pastor Buru emphasized that both Muslims and Christians worship one God and have their holy books, the Bible and the Quran. Together, they cleared grass and removed trash around the mosque premises to make the environment look clean and beautiful.

Pastor dr Yohanna Buru who toke part in the exercise was accompany together with other pastor Rev. Danjuma Mazadu MAKAMA and some christians youths who stressed the need of promoting peace

"We came here to support our brothers by cutting the grass and clearing all the dirt around the mosque, with the goal of promoting peace and unity,” Pastor Buru stated.

He also wished Muslims worldwide a happy Sallah celebration and called on wealthy individuals to remember orphans, widows, and street beggars during the festivities.

The cleaning exercise, which lasted for several hours, allowed Christians and Muslims to engage in dialogue, exchange gestures of friendship, and discuss ways to promote religious tolerance and understanding.

“We hope to continue doing this every year to promote religious tolerance in the area,” Pastor Buru added. “We were here last year to support our brothers, and we are here again this year to strengthen our relations.”

"We thank our Muslim brothers for the opportunity they gave us to support them in cleaning the mosque area."

Pastor Buru also extended greetings to the Sultan of Sokoto, Sheikh Dahiru Bauchi, Sheik Ibrahim Yakubu el-Zazzaky, and Sheik Ahmed Mahmud Gumi, Sheikh Salihu Mai-Barota, and to my Good friend, Alhaji Sanusi Lamido Sanusi ,the emir of kano.

He expressed gratitude for the annual contributions of a Muslim woman, Hajiya Ramatu Tijjani, who supports widows and orphans with Christmas and New Year gifts.a

he said, every year during christmas celebration,a muslims woman used to docurate his house with christmas trees while helping some widows during the festivity with foods and other humanitarian aids

(we must joined hands toward making Nigeria a better place for our future generation, we must learned to forgive each other and support the government to move the country ahead),

In his remark Reverend Danjuma Mazadu Makama of Kasuwan Magani says, they came to the mosque praying ground to help muslims clearing all the grass and dirt.

"we came to strengthen our relationship and support our brothers in clearing the grass at the mosque premises"

Also Christian youth leader in the area Jonathan Peter from community initiative to promote peace in the area emphasized on the need for them joining their muslim brothers in cutting down all the grass surrounding the mosque premises.

Adding that they been doing this for many years toward boosting good relationship between christians and muslims in the area.

In his response, Imam Akilu Mohammed, the chief Imam at Kajuru Local Government, expressed happiness over the efforts made by Christian pastors and youths in preparing the praying ground.

“This is not the first time our Christian brothers have helped us cut the grass. They supported us last year in clearing the mosque premises, which has helped promote peace-building and religious tolerance in the region,” Imam Mohammed said.

He also noted that during a recent windstorm disaster that damaged churches and mosques, both communities visited each other and prayed for protection from further natural disasters.

Imam Mohammed thanked the pastors who came to the mosque and prayed for continued peace and unity.

The Network of Peace Journalists (NPJ), who covered the event, expressed delight over the joint effort. According to Ibrahima Yakubu, the team leader, it was impressive to see Christians helping their Muslim friends at the Eid prayer ground.

Yakubu commended both Muslim and Christian clergies for collaborating to clean the Eid ground and emphasized the need to promote peaceful coexistence among Christians and Muslims.

"This is a positive step; let's live together as one people and reduce religious intolerance," Yakubu said.

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