"Your Luggage Is Safe," Agency Assures Kaduna Pilgrims


Kaduna State Pilgrims Welfare Agency has promised that all carry-all  luggage  will arrive Nigeria  before pilgrims leave Saudi Arabia.

Speaking to newsmen in Makkah on Tuesday, the Chairman of the Luggage Committee, Professor Muhammad Mustapha Gwadabe gave the assurance as the second batch of Kaduna pilgrims arrive Nigeria.

 The Committee Chairman assured pilgrims  that adequate arrangements have been put in place to forestall the missing of luggage. 

The Committee Chairman further said that officials of Agency were already on ground to secure the luggage, advising that all pilgrims should collect their luggage personally.

According to him, luggage will neither be  given to third-parties, nor will bulk clearance of luggage be allowed.

Explaining how the process works, Prof Gwadabe said that the luggage are first weighed in Makkah to ascertain that they comply with the 32 kilograms limit.

"Thereafter, the luggage will be tagged and the owner of the luggage will be given a card who's number and other details correspond with the tag.

"When he or she arrives the Mando Hajj Camp upon reaching Kaduna, he or she will present the card to the officials, who will fish it out and bring it  to the owner.

"The officials will scruitinise the pilgrim's passport, to find out whether he or she was supposed to be on the flight in the first place.

"Thereafter, they will check his card to find out if the number and other security details correspond with the tag on the luggage," he added.

Prof Gwadabe pointed out that there are also  security officials like police, Civil Defence, Immigration personnel and officers of the Nigerian Customs Service on hand, to check against the importation of illegal items.

The Chairman of the Luggage Committee also disclosed that the luggage are usually stored in safe places, to shield them against the elements.

He further said that pilgrims are usually advised to seal their luggage with adhesive tapes in Makkah,  so as to protect them from possible rain in Nigeria.

The Committee Chairman further advised pilgrims to stick to the weight limit of 32 kilograms, stressing that the Agency will not convey any luggage that is above it.

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