It is a fact and on record that after a very long while here on the Plateau we are having a pan-Nigerian and a true Nationalist who for him the development of Nigeria and his dear State(Plateau State) was top and paramount to him, immediately he took over as the Governor of Plateau State in 2015 under the best party in Africa that is the All Progressive  Congress (APC) where he attracted so much positivity, peace and reconciliation because of his policies and position which the Plateau State Chapter of the APC became a formidable team to beat which nobody can dispute that.

Rt. Hon. (Bar.) Simon Bako Lalong position towards having peace and bringing everyone on board and throwing away sentiments of ethnicity, religion and what have you in other to strengthen the party and the State unfortunately brought envy in some quotas, therefore leading to a gang up against him yet he did not fight back but remained focus in his stance to bringing stability and development back to the State and bringing prosperity to the APC on the Plateau.

Unfortunately for us on the Plateau and the Plateau State Chapter of the APC, the gang-up became worse when Rt. Hon. (Bar.) Simon Bako Lalong accepted to be Campaign DG of our dynamic President Bola Ahmed Tinubu where the religious card was used against him massively, just  for accepting to be Campaign DG of a Muslim Muslim ticket he took all the bullets for President Bola Ahmed Tinubu, we on the Plateau saw how the former Governor was betrayed to the extend that he was fought openly infact surprisingly some top Abuja and Plateau base APC members who are suppose to shield our former governor and then work for the success of the party both in the Presidential and Gubernatorial elections worked against the party and where lacklustre towards the victory of the APC in Plateau State, what is more painful to the APC faithfuls on the Plateau is that apart from using the religious card the anti -party activities  was done amidst jubilation and in full glare of everyone against the party which they called their own just because of one person (Rt. Hon. (Bar.) Simon Bako Lalong), now they want President Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu our dynamic President to reward them with juicy appointments in the Federal level, this must stop and sanity must be brought to the party in other that this may become a lesson to us the younger once and many across the State.


My recommendation is that the Plateau State Chapter of the APC must go ahead to do 3 things under the leadership of our dynamic leader and  State Chairman Hon.Rufus Bature and Rt. Hon. (Bar.) Simon Bako Lalong (KSGG) CON our leader, so that we the youths and others on the Plateau will learn that anti-party activities cannot be tolerated because this has been what has brought the APC backward right from 2019 till date.


Suspension till further notice must be given to those who worked against the party in both the Presidential and Gubernatorial elections, especially those who ganged up against our dynamic Campaign  DG to the President, who is still without remorse and are still defending their actions,anti-party actions must attract punishment and the punishment is done for correction, not vendetta usually punishment is done temporarily to serve as a lesson for those who intend to do same.


As we await our victory the party should swing into action immediately and strengthen the party by involving youths and party faithful knowing the problems being faced by the party across the State.


This matter has been key among the major reasons that were used to fight and do anti-party against the party, those who wanted to gang up against the party, and Rt. Hon. (Bar.) Simon Bako Lalong  used this and it worked partially because the reward system in the APC in Plateau State is very poor, youths and women have been short-changed this opportunity the party has should be for amendments before the temporary government goes.

Let the world know that former Governor Simon Bako Lalong (KSGG), CON gave his best and all for the APC in the last elections in Plateau State, we are proud of Rt. Hon. (Bar.) Simon Bako Lalong, Dr.Nentawe Yilwatda Goshwe, Hon Rufus Bature the APC State Chairman, and all the APC Candidates who avail themselves to serve the good people of  Plateau State under the All Progressive Congress here in the State, we will be discouraged if those who did anti-party against our party are rewarded with Federal or any State appointment as the case may be.

God bless the APC

©Chol Badung Chuhwak 

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