Kaduna Governor Makes History With First-Ever Special Assistant on Climate Change

Kaduna Governor's Bold Move: Championing Climate Action with New Special Assistant Appointment

In a groundbreaking move, the Governor of Kaduna State, Mallam Uba Sani, has earned accolades from climate experts and environmental organizations for appointing Honorable Yusuf Idris Amoke as the Special Assistant to the Governor on Climate Change. 

The historic appointment has garnered praise as it marks a significant milestone in the Northern region of Nigeria and a proactive step toward addressing climate change and environmental preservation.

A Nigerian -climatologist Mr. Nurudden Bello, the Director of African Climate Reporters, expressed his gratitude to Governor Mallam Uba Sani, stating that the appointment was well-deserved and underscored the governor's commitment to tackling environmental issues and global warming.

 Bello highlighted Honorable Yusuf Amoke's specialization in environmental protection and praised his qualifications for the role.

Furthermore, Bello emphasized that Honorable Yusuf Amoke's appointment as the first Special Assistant to the Governor on Climate Change in Northern Nigeria since the nation's inception is a historic moment. This groundbreaking decision positions Kaduna State as a trailblazer in proactively addressing climate change.

Mr. Nurudden Bello went on to commend Honorable Yusuf Amoke's involvement in the establishment of Green Climate Africa, where he has been organizing gatherings of environmentalists, geologists, and other experts to address waste pollution and marine life preservation. These initiatives align with the global effort to protect the environment and combat climate change.

Similarly, the African Institutes of Waste Management and Environmental Studies congratulated Governor Mallam Uba Sani on the appointment.

 Dr. Abdullateef Taye, 

the Registrar of the institute pledged full support for the newly appointed climate change aide and assured that the institute would work tirelessly to assist in achieving the state's climate-related goals.

Dr. Taye also called for collaboration between environmental activists, including NGOs and civil society organizations, to join hands with the state government in making Kaduna State a model of sustainability. This collective effort aligns with the broader goal of "going green" and creating a more sustainable and environmentally conscious society.

Governor Mallam Uba Sani's pioneering appointment has garnered widespread acclaim, positioning Kaduna State as a leader in climate change initiatives in Northern Nigeria. The move sets a precedent for other regions to follow and underscores the state's dedication to addressing environmental challenges and creating a sustainable future for its residents.

The appointment of Honorable Yusuf Idris Amoke as the Special Assistant to the Governor on Climate Change marks a historic milestone and a significant stride toward environmental preservation and climate action Governor Makes History with First-Ever Special Assistant on Climate Change.

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