Network Of Peace Journalists Appeals To Kaduna Government To Revive "Operation Yaki" To Combat Security Challenges



The National President of the Nigeria Network of Peace Journalists(NNPJ), Ambassador Ibrahima Yakubu, has urged the Kaduna State government under the leadership of mallam Uba Sani  to reinstate "Operation Yaki."

In an appeal text message to some media and online platforms across the state.

AYakubu stressed that reviving "Operation Yaki" is crucial in addressing internal security concerns in the state, much like the approach employed during the tenure of the former governor, and the vice president of Nigeria Architect Namadi mohammed Sambo.

He emphasized that reactivating "Operation Yaki" would significantly reduce the activities of phone snatchers, the 'Yan Sara-Soka group, ethno-religious attacks and other forms of security threats that undermine peace and unity within the state.

Yakubu reminisced about the past, mentioning that during the tenure of Architect Namadi Sambo, who later became Vice President of Nigeria, Kaduna state saw helicopters and brand new police cars actively patrolling communities day and night

He also commended the efforts of the military and paramilitary forces in the state, while encouraging affluent individuals to support the government by providing essential resources and tools.

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