Hope Builders Festival on entrepreneurs will hold in Kaduna State

By Bukar Sadiq

To strengthen the capabilities of at least 100 entrepreneurs to enable them to apply systems-changing innovations toward ventures’ resilience and long-term sustainability, International Hope Builders Consultant Limited is organizing a Festival.

The Festival will hold on November 22nd and 23rd 2023 in Kaduna State.

The Theme of the festival is Transformative Innovations for Sustainable Social Change.

The Executive Director and Founder of the NGO, Rev. Mathias Bodam Yashim said this during a world press conference in Kaduna.

Yashim said that his organization has so far trained 29,000 entrepreneurs and called on graduates from universities and other higher institutions to go for skills acquisition to become employers of labor.

He said it is better to create employment than to look for it, the reason why they committed energy and resources into sharpening professionals on skills acquisition.

“With the first graduation, I think even in Switzerland they will tell you they’ve never seen the power that’s coming from Hope Builders I know that we would have more students that are coming from outside of Africa. So, I’m hoping that from the festival we’re going to get real resourceful entrepreneurs from within, which we would bring into the academy, and then we strengthen them”.

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