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Zakari Isah - Kaduna

...DG Pencom Refuses To Pay Police Retirees 3 Increments By Federal Government - Mannir Lawal Zaria

Retired Police Officers have alleged that their members are dying in silence as a result of Pencom's refusal to implement a 2.5% federal government-approved increment on their take-home.

 The Chairman of the Retired Police Officers, Kaduna State Chapter, Rtd CSP, Mannir Lawal Zaria stated this during a protest at the National Assembly Abuja.

He said the living condition of their members is deteriorating and they die daily of simple causes.

“If you look at our number here, we are very few because many of us have died already. Those alive are semi-paralyzed because of poverty; ordinary malaria, they cannot treat. What type of country is this; where are we heading to?

The leader of the protesting retired Police officers, Mannir Lawal Zaria said the 9th National Assembly passed the police pension bill in June this year to exit the Nigeria Police from the contributory pension scheme and the establishment of the Police Pension board but President Muhammadu Buhari didn't assent to the bill before leaving office.

“The most annoying thing again, the Federal Government approved a 2.5% increment of our own money, but surprisingly Pencom refused to pay us by saying they are going to put it in our salary savings account. Is that the right thing? When you are working for somebody, do you turn to be his master?

"Why did DG Pencom refuse to give us our money, but prefer to put it in our salary savings account? Let the NASS ask this woman. Why is she not ready to pay us our money knowing that everything in the market has increased in price."

"We cannot eat any good food now. We survive by the mercy of God. DG Pencom refused to pay us 3 increments by the Federal Government, why? Are we not Nigerians?

He said no Police retirees received any palliatives even when they are the worst hit as far as monthly take home is concerned, adding “We are not leaving the NASS until these requests are met.

“Those of us you see are here by the mercy of almighty God. We are crying before we die because if we don’t cry the FG will not know that our members are dying daily. If you retire, you die of hypertension”, he concluded.

Responding the Senate President Godswill Akpabio who was represented by the Chairman of the House Committee on Police Affairs Senator Abdulhamid Malamadori assured them that once the Senate was through with the budget defense, they would ensure that they pass the bill to third reading which was already passed first reading.

"The Senate acknowledged the commitment and the sacrifices of the Nigerian Police and we are willing and ready to transmit this bill to the President to assent on time so that retired Police Officers would enjoy the same benefit as military and other security agencies," he said.

He commended the peaceful protest conducted by the Retired Police Officers Kaduna State Chapter at the National Assembly and assured them that immediately after the budget defense, they would invite the Inspector General of Police to discuss how to exit them from the contributory pension scheme.

"Due to the seriousness of your matter, the Senate Committee on Police Affairs would invite the IG to the house to deliberate on how to remove the police retirees from the Contributory Pension Scheme.

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