Group Hails Matawalle's Global Partnerships Drive Against Terror, Banditry


The Northern Stakeholders Consultative Forum (NSCF) commends the Minister of State for Defence, Mohammed Bello Matawalle, for his efforts in forging global partnerships to combat insecurity in Nigeria.

In a statement issued by NSCF's spokesperson, Comrade Danjuma Paul, the group recognized that since assuming office as minister of state for defence, Matawalle has demonstrated a unique approach to tackling the country's security challenges.

One noteworthy achievement highlighted by the NSCF is Matawalle's recent working visit to the United States of America. During this visit, the minister held meetings with members of the United States Congress at the Capitol on December 13th. 

The purpose of the tour was to explore innovative technologies that would enhance the Nigerian military's efficiency in addressing contemporary security threats.

The discussions concluded with an emphasis on the collaboration between the Defence Industries Corporation of Nigeria (DICON) and NEANY of the US. This partnership aims to establish assembly lines for the production of advanced military equipment, contributing to the fight against terrorism and other criminal activities in Nigeria.

The NSCF believes that this collaboration will enable Nigeria to learn from NEANY's expertise in military hardware production.

The NSCF also applauded Matawalle's attendance at the conference of Ministers of Defence from Africa, Europe, and Arab nations in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The conference, which took place on February 2nd, 2024, in Riyadh, saw defence ministers discussing strategies and issues related to their respective regions. Matawalle's participation further demonstrates his commitment to President Bola Ahmed Tinubu's vision of modernizing Nigeria's armed forces to effectively address evolving security threats.

In addition, the NSCF commended Matawalle for his swift action in ordering an investigation into allegations of wrongdoing by a serving Chief of Naval Staff accused of engaging in corrupt practices. 

This commitment to ensuring accountability within the military is commendable and indicative of Matawalle's dedication to upholding integrity and transparency.

The NSCF believes that Matawalle's global partnerships and proactive approach to security challenges will significantly contribute to the overall improvement of Nigeria's security landscape. 

The group calls on all stakeholders to support these initiatives and collaborate towards a safer and more secure Nigeria.

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