Madako Foundation Unveils Heartwarming Sallah Initiative: Spreading Joy and Hope Among the Underprivileged

Zakari Haruna - Kaduna 

In a remarkable collaboration that transcends borders and uplifts spirits, the Madako Foundation for Conflict Resolution and Empowerment has joined forces with the Niger State Ministry of Humanitarian Affairs and Disaster Management and the Federation of Women Lawyers (FIDA) Niger State. Their shared mission? To illuminate the lives of the underprivileged during this auspicious Sallah season.

## A Mission Rooted in Compassion and Inclusion

The Madako Foundation's vision extends far beyond mere material assistance. They envision a world where every individual, regardless of their circumstances, feels valued, dignified, and part of a larger family. Their commitment goes beyond tangible donations; it's about restoring hope, nurturing dreams, and weaving a safety net for those who have been marginalized or overlooked.

"Our goal," declares Hajiya Hauwa Ibrahim Madako, the visionary CEO of the foundation, "is to uplift spirits, one act of kindness at a time. Whether it's providing a warm meal, ensuring a child has a school uniform, or simply lending a listening ear, each gesture matters."

## How You Can Be a Beacon of Hope

The Madako Foundation invites individuals, businesses, and communities to join hands in this noble endeavor. Here's how you can make a difference:

1. Financial Donations: Every naira counts. Your financial support can transform lives. To contribute, use the following banking details:

    - Account Name: Madako Foundation for Conflict Resolution and Empowerment

    - Account Number: 1226498530

    - Bank: Zenith Bank

2. In-Kind Contributions: From clothing to educational supplies, your donations can light up a child's face. Reach out to the foundation to coordinate in-kind contributions.

3. Volunteer: If you're passionate about making a direct impact, consider volunteering your time and skills. Contact the foundation for volunteer opportunities.

## Reach Out and Illuminate Lives

For inquiries, donation details, or to express your interest, please connect with the Madako Foundation:

-  Phone Numbers:

    - 09098466727

    - 08165516112

    - 08137169420

Let this Sallah season be a celebration of compassion, unity, and shared joy. Together, we can uplift those who need it most.


Hajiya Hauwa Ibrahim Madako

CEO, Madako Foundation

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