Urgent Call for Action: Insecurity and Banditry Surge in the Country

By Usman Ibrahim

The Federal and state Governments are under mounting pressure to address the escalating crisis of insecurity and banditry. The recent abduction of over sixty children—both male and female—in the Buda community, Kajuru local government area, has sparked outrage and calls for immediate intervention.

*Nighttime Terror Strikes Buda Community

On Monday night, around 11 PM, armed bandits descended upon the peaceful Buda Community, leaving chaos and fear in their wake. The assailants forcibly took away numerous children, plunging families into anguish and uncertainty.

*Emir Alhassan Adamu's Plea

Emir Alhaji Alhassan Adamu visited Buda to commiserate with the affected families. Expressing deep dismay, he urgently appealed to both the State and Federal Governments to take decisive action. "We cannot allow our children to live in fear," he declared. "Proactive measures must be implemented to tackle the security challenges plaguing our beloved Kaduna state."

*Hope for Safe Return

Amidst the turmoil, there is hope. The Emir fervently prays for the safe return of the abducted children to their homes. Thankfully, no lives were lost during the abduction, but the emotional toll on families remains immeasurable.

*Military Response Commended

Residents, speaking anonymously, praised the swift response of the military during the attack. Their timely intervention prevented further tragedy and demonstrated the importance of a robust security apparatus.

*District Head's Call to Action

District Head Alhaji Surajo Haruna expressed deep sadness over the rising abduction rates across the country. "We cannot stand idly by," he asserted. "Concrete steps must be taken to put an end to this menace."

*Village Leaders Seek Solutions

During the Emir's visit, the Village Head of Buda, Ciroman Buda Malam Alhassan Jibril, conveyed gratitude for the Emir's presence. He urged the Emir to present the community's plight to the state government, emphasizing the urgent need for additional security personnel in the area.

*Unity in Crisis

Accompanying the Emir were dedicated individuals committed to restoring peace: Military Personnel, Secretary of the Kajuru Emirate Council **Malam Hashimu Ayuba**, Garkuwan Kajuru **Alhaji Mika'ilu Aliyu**, and Fagacin Kajuru **Malam Mustapha**, among others.

*A Grim Reminder

This incident echoes the recent kidnapping of over two hundred students in Kuriga Village, Chikun Local Government Area, just last week. The nation watches, hoping for swift action and a safer future for its children.

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