YOCA Crocodile FC Secures Opening Victory in League One Playoffs -News Panorama


Zakari Haruna - Kaduna 

The YOCA Crocodile Football Club has set the stage for a promising season in the Nationwide League One, 2024 NLO Division One with a resounding victory at the Ahmadu Bello Stadium, Kaduna.

Engr. Dauda John Mubaya, the club's esteemed Chairman, shared his exhilaration with the press, heralding the win as a significant milestone for the team.

In a post-match interview, Engr. Mubaya recounted his pre-game address to the players, where he emphasized the importance of focus and determination. "Definitely, in a game of football, you must have a winner and a loser. 

"I thank Almighty for giving us the victory today," he stated, reflecting on the nature of the sport and the day's success.

The chairman's motivational tactics extended beyond words, as he promised the players a reward of one million naira for a win. True to his word, following the team's triumph, he immediately redeemed his pledge, providing the players with a tangible token of motivation to strive for continued success.

"I am doing this to give them focus and a little push to secure the victory which we're now celebrating," said Engr. Mubaya, underscored his commitment to the team's progress. 

He also expressed his determination to approach the next match with even greater vigor, aiming to send a clear message to the league's established teams that YOCA Crocodile FC is a force to be reckoned with.

Beyond the competitive spirit of the game, Engr. Mubaya's passion lies in the development of grassroots football. He views the football as a powerful conduit for channeling young energy into productive endeavors, steering the youth away from drugs and other social vices. 

His dedication to nurturing young talent is evident in his approach to team management and community engagement.

As YOCA Crocodile FC revels in their opening victory, the chairman's vision for the club extends well beyond the pitch. It encompasses a broader mission to empower the next generation of footballers, ensuring that their potential is realized and their dreams are within reach. 

With this win under their belt, the team looks forward to their upcoming matches with renewed confidence and a clear objective: to excel in the league and to contribute positively to the community through the beautiful game of football.

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