I will Tackle Insecurity, Unemployment Squarely – Hon Ibrahim Mohammed Aminu

As the 2023 General Elections approaches, the flag bearer of the National Rescue Movement ( NRM) for House of Representatives, Hon Ibrahim Mohammed Aminu has assured his constituents that he would readily deploy all available resources both material and human in tackling the the twin problems of unemployment and insecurity bedevilling his state and his Constuency in general 

Hon. Aminu disclosed this in a townhall meeting in Kawo Kaduna during an interactive session with critical stakeholders on Tuesday . 

The astute politician added that  part of his plan for his Constuency includes a broad range of entrepreneurial skills training for over 20000 youths – men and women inclusive .

“After the training which would last for about a week, we shall then get corporate organisations, educational and research institutions to fund our trainees .

“The trainees would be given startup funds and packs, they shall be monitored while their products and services would be patronised by government and major corporate organisations . 

He also revealed that plans are also afoot to make sure that every prospective pupil and students get education up to the tertiary level .

“In order to reduce the rampart cases of insecurity, armed robbery and theft, we have a plan to ensure that all prospective pupils and students get education up to the university level .

We shall also tap into the internet and social media sector to make sure  members of Constuency gets socially integrated with the rest of the world , he added 

The flag bearer for the NRM also expressed confidence with the electoral process saying that both the Federal Government and Independent National Electoral Commission, ( INEC) are poised to conduct a free and fair election.

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