NASFAT Kaduna Doka Branch Celebrates Women ‘s Week

… charges the muslimah to follow Allah’s injunctions

Kaduna Doka Branch has joined the body Worldwide in celebrating Women’s Week.

The one week programme which kick – started at it Muri road mosque Sunday, the 12th of November, was declared open by the branch Chairman, Hon. Musbau Adepoju.

Delivering his speech, he urged members to remain committed in serving Allah which he said should be reflected in their deeds.

Hon. Musbau commended the congregation for their dedication which led to their being inaugurated into a branch within one year of its existence.

He urged the women not to relent in their efforts in taking lslam to doorsteps.

“I am highly honored to be part of this epoch making event.

“The first being organized by NASFAT Doka Women management Committee under the able leadership of our Women affairs Secretary, Hajiya Bashira Sheidu and her team of dedicated Muslim sisters who are championing the course of lslam geared through our great society, NASFAT.

On behalf of the branch executives present, l hereby declare this year’s Women’s Week Programme open.”

Addressing the congregation, Doka Women Affairs Secretary, Hajiya Bashira Sheidu thanked the women for their cooperation and the branch executive for its support towards women programmes.

She explained the theme of the event, “Sustaining Happiness in Marriage – the Islamic Perspective”, which she said will be beneficial to both men and women.

” I welcome you all to this great occasion, NASFAT Doka Branch Women’s Management Week.

“This is the first time we are celebrating on our own as a branch. Alhamdulllah, and thanks  to my executives under the leadership of the branch Chairman, Hon. Musbau Adepoju.

I thank all the executives, Mission board members, Zonal and various committee members.

“It is a pleasure to gather here with our dynamic women to contribute to the growth of our community.

Marriage she explained is described in lslam as a protracted covenant by Allah that goes beyond mere mutual companionship.

It is partnership founded on love, respect and mutual understanding. Today, we are fortunate to find ourselves under the guidance of dedicated scholars, our missioners.

NASFAT Kaduna Doka Branch, Missionary board members during prayer session.

The teachings impacted on the women by these erudite scholars have not only given the women better understanding of their religion Islam but also focus in handling matters in their various homes and society at large. She said.

“We thank you and we say, Jazakumu khair”.

The women management committee is committed to fostering the sense of sisterhood and empowerment amongst our members.”

Hajiya Bashira urged the youth to use the opportunity provided by the “Women Connect with the Youth” program to broden their horizon on martial issues as some of them will soon be finding themselves there.

The “Women connect with the Youth” programme is a fora meant to foster healthy interaction between the youth and the mothers, (women), whereby some bordering questions on marital issues can be brought to fore.

The session which was anchored by our experience mothers, Hajiya Jemila Dumoye, Hajiya Baraka and Dr. Mairo Ipadeola threw light on some of the nitty gritty involved in achieving a successful marriage.

Going by the theme, “Sustaining Happiness in Marriage – the Islamic Perspective”, some of these qualities such as, the need for understanding between the couples, caring, trust, patience and perseverance were seen as important ingredients in making marriages work. Saying, it takes two to tangle.

It was an exciting sessions as questions were directed to the team of experienced rappatours by the youth.

Answering the question on the issue of taking a second wife which has been a problem in many homes,  Dr. Ipadeola explained that in as much as the intention is pure and not meant to hurt, nor slight the wife at home, it should be accepted in good faith.

Since it is an act permissible by Allah, she urged the women to be understanding.

She however cautioned the men not to give the would- be wife the impression that the wife at home is nothing to write home about like some men do.

The Muslimah she urged should follow the injunctions of Allah while she works towards the sustainability of her marriage.

Speaking on the theme, NASFAT Doka Missioner, Ustaz Kabir Uthman emphasizing the importance of marriage in lslam quoted the Holy Prophet saying,

” Marriage is my tradition and whoever

goes away from my tradition is not among me.

Emphasizing further, Ustaz Kabir said, Marriage is compulsory in lslam for those who are capable.

It is an order from the Almighty Allah that we should get married. And that one should choose and get married to whom he or she loves.

In lslam if you have attained the age of marriage as a woman you should get married. And for the man if you have the capability to take care of a wife but not married, it means your faith is not complete. Once you get married, you have completed the faith in lslam because it is what Allah orders us to do.

To be able to sustain any marriage, he said, couples would have to follow the commandments of Allah.

These commandments includes that, “Both husband and wife should have the fear of Allah. Secondly, there should be justice, thirdly, there should be trust. Also,  patience and endurance.”

The recitation of the Holy Quran was by the youth Admiral, sister Ummulkhair while the Deputy Women Affairs Secretary, hajiya Rukaya Abutu Abdulkadir took the congregation through the recitation of Moudi Nabiyu.

It was a memorable opening ceremony as members felt the sense of accomplishment.

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