WAANSA Advocates for Support of Nigerian Customs Service: A Call to Action


In a recent press statement, Mr. Martin Igwe, the Regional 1st Vice President of the West African Action Network on Small Arms (WAANSA), highlighted the critical need for support towards the Nigerian Customs Service. This plea comes in the wake of Igwe's return from the International Conference on Border Studies in FEZ, Morocco.

Expressing the relevance of the Nigerian Customs Service to regional development, Igwe urged President Bola Ahmed Tinubu, the National Assembly Leadership, and all Nigerians to rally behind the organization. The emphasis was placed on the Customs Service's role in promoting renewed commitment to international trade facilitation and ensuring the continuous protection of borders.

"Supporting the Customs Service can energize their desire to meet targeted annual revenue, potentially turning around development in other sectors of the economy," stated Igwe.

The press release underscored the importance of mobilizing additional funds for Customs operations, strengthening their capacity through training with the latest technology, and aligning practices with global standards.

Drawing attention to the concerning fact that only 114 out of approximately 1,500 land border crossings into Nigeria have approved control posts, Igwe highlighted the vulnerability of these areas, which criminal elements exploit to unleash crime on innocent Nigerians.

Support for the Nigerian Customs Service, according to WAANSA, goes beyond safeguarding the country; it activates opportunities for more revenue and genuine economic activities in border communities, mirroring successful models in other parts of the world.

The statement concluded with Igwe affirming WAANSA's commitment to mobilizing civil societies in supporting the Nigerian Customs Service. The organization sees this support as an indirect means to reduce the menace of infiltration of small arms and light weapons, contributing to sustaining regional peace and development.

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