NEN Slams United Nigerians In Diaspora Over Call For INEC Chair Resignation

The recent call for the resignation of Professor Mahmoud Yakubu, Chairman of the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC), by the United Nigerians in the Diaspora (UND) has sparked a strong reaction from the Northern Emancipation Network (NEN).

In a statement released by its chairman Suleiman Abbah, the NEN condemned the UND's threat of street protests in major cities around the world as outrageous, unpatriotic, and lacking in substance.

The NEN strongly condemned the attacks on Professor Yakubu, who led INEC to conduct credible elections in 2023, and, highlighted the importance of these elections in ensuring the victory of popular will over desperate attempts to subvert it. 

The elections, under Yakubu's leadership, offered hope for a better future for Nigeria- one without the threat of Boko Haram and bandits, where the youth have access to education, skills, and job opportunities, and where corruption is tackled head-on.

The NEN expressed concern that the targeting of Professor Yakubu and the disrespect shown towards him could potentially lead to national crisis and even the breakup of the country. It is crucial to recognize and appreciate the efforts of individuals like Professor Yakubu who work tirelessly to uphold democracy and ensure free and fair elections.

Attacking those who are dedicated to serving the country and its people is not only unjust but also poses a serious threat to the stability and unity of the nation.

It is imperative that we support and protect individuals like Professor Yakubu who are committed to promoting democracy and good governance in Nigeria. 

It is important to note that Nigeria is a sovereign nation and should not be influenced by the empty threats of individuals who seek to undermine its democratic institutions. The NEN has labeled members of the UND as fugitives who have little to no interest in the progress and development of Nigeria.

 It is clear that these individuals are not contributing constructively to the political landscape of Nigeria and are instead hiding behind the veil of international diplomacy to further their agenda.

Abbah's statement highlights the need for these so-called fugitives to return to Nigeria and actively participate in the political process to effect positive change.

 It is easy to criticize from afar, but true patriotism involves actively engaging in the democratic process and working toward the betterment of one's country. The NEN is calling on these individuals to put their words into action and work towards building a better Nigeria, rather than resorting to empty threats and protests.

Furthermore, the NEN emphasizes the importance of unity among Nigerians, both at home and in the diaspora. Divisive actions and rhetoric only serve to further polarize the nation and hinder progress. All Nigerians must come together in a spirit of cooperation and solidarity to overcome the challenges facing the country.

The NEN's reaction to the UND's renewed calls for the resignation of the INEC Chairman sends a clear message that such actions are not in the best interest of Nigeria. Constructive engagement and dialogue are key to resolving differences and building a better future for the nation. It is time for all Nigerians, both at home and abroad, to work together towards a common goal of national unity and progress.

The NEN's warning about the repercussions of undermining such individuals should serve as a wake-up call for all stakeholders to prioritize the preservation of peace and unity in the country. It is only by working together and respecting the rule of law that Nigeria can truly progress and fulfill its immense potential.

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