Parents of Sickle Cell Anemia Urged Not To Force Patients To Do Ramadan Fasting


Haj Badiyya Magaji Inuwa

By Abubakar Abba, Kaduna

President and Founder of the Sickle Cell Patients Health Promotion Centre (SCPHPC) a Kaduna state based  non-governmental organization, Hajiya Badiyya Magaji Inuwa, has advised parents that their children suffering with sickle Cell Anemia  not to force then to commence Ramdan fasting.

In a chat in Kaduna, Badiyya noted that according to qualified doctors and in islamic perspective,  is not compulsory for  with sickle Cell Anemia patients to commence Ramadan fasting considering the health hazard that they would encounter if they do the Ramadan fasting.

Badiya a mother of two sickler’s noted that sickle Cell Anemia is a bedroom disease.

She disclosed that if their parent of sickle Cell Anemia forced them to do the fasting,  can even result to the damage of some organ’s in their bodies and led to them to crisis, especially in this hot weather condition.

She also explained that when the patients are in crisis, it is either he or she is in her mother’s bedroom, being catered for or in a hospital bed.

She advised that the patients instead of doing the fasting can feed the less privileged.

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