Rivers Governor Pays Balance for Muslim Pilgrims

By Aliyu Muhammad Haidar


In the middle of the 2024 Hajj operational uncertainties, one Governor who did not fail to declare his stand on the matter is the Rivers State Governor, His Excellency Siminalayi Fabura.  When the minimum Hajj fare deposit was earlier announced, he paid up for his state’s Muslim intending pilgrims. 

Information flowed in the social media around the time NAHCON’s first deadline of 31st December 2023 was about to expire. It was related by the State’s Sole Administrator (S.A) of Muslim  Pilgrims’ Welfare Board, Abdurrazaq Diepriye that to ensure the seats allocated to the state are preserved and utilized effectively by pilgrims, the governor’s office took a bold decision to meet the December deadline for securing the allocation. 

According to him, in a decisive move, Mr Fabura authorized payment of the Hajj fare for all seats allocated to the state in order not to loss them. He described the move as a way to provide an opportunity for the Muslim population to participate in this sacred pilgrimage, promoting a sense of belonging and equal representation. Mr Diepriye revealed that this marks the first time in six years that such a comprehensive gesture has been made, signaling a notable milestone in his style of governance.

This was no doubt a show of commitment to supporting the Muslim community. In my candid opinion, this generous gesture not only signifies a shift towards fostering religious inclusiveness but also emphasizes the importance of unity among diverse faiths. 

Digging further, this writer was made to understand that Governor Fabura has been actively involved in supporting Muslims in the state, recognizing the significance of religious diversity in fostering a harmonious community. This marks the first time in the governor’s six years in office that such a comprehensive gesture has been made, signaling a notable milestone in his governance. It is also confirmed that Governor Fabura has been supporting Mosques with donations and currently, quietly empowering the mosques with Ramadan financial support for those observing the fast.

True to purpose, information reaching this writer indicates that the brave Governor has once again demonstrated his commitment to relieving his people’s worry at the point of their needs.  Governor Fabura is said to be the first to pay-up the unexpected balance of Hajj fare for all the state pilgrims, the balance that was announced by the Hajj Commission few days ago. Certainly, Rivers state pilgrims will go to sleep today knowing that their Governor has their backs covered in a gracious way. 

This gesture should encourage pilgrims going for Hajj to, not just pray for the well-being and prosperity of Rivers State, but to be law abiding and pay him back with good conduct that will make the Governor proud of them. By actively involving the Muslim community in the spiritual journey of hajj, the governor perhaps aims to harness collective prayers for the state’s peace, progress and development.

As Governor Fabura takes this progressive step towards supporting his Muslim population, I hasten to commend him on personal level for sending a powerful message. It sends the powerful message of governance being about alleviating the burden of the people, it sends the powerful message of unity and collaboration, emphasizing the importance of religious tolerance in the broader context of community development.


 Haidar Writes From 

No. 18 Gwarimpa 

Cadastral Zone, Abuja,


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